Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Competition Time: See Dawn of the Dead in a Shopping Mall!

So, this month of crazy busy continues, and in between suddenly and unexpectedly finding myself house hunting (None of these placesare within my budget), my actual job, and an exciting Chris Writes About the End of the World related event next month, I’m having to come up with yet more creative ways to not write the blog.

This week- Throwing a competition!

Cue trailer:

Yes the seaside town of Worthing is holding a film festival,showing movies in themed settings. This includes seeing Toy Story 3 in a children’s nursery- and more appropriately for our blog (although not as terrifying) they will be showing the ultimate zombie movie, Dawn of the Dead in a shopping mall THIS SATURDAY. And I have two free tickets.

Chris, I Want To See Dawn of the Dead in a Shopping Mall, How Much Shall I Bribe You With Cash and Favours to Attain This Gift?
Calm yourself, my sycophantic hypothetical reader, no bribes are necessary this time.

Nope. All I want from you is your zombie survival strategy. Only, like I said, I’m kind of short on time at the moment. And also I’m easily bored. So your zombie survival plan must be in one of the following forms:

Tweet- Sum your whole plan up in 124 characters or less, with the hashtag #shortzombieplan. (While you're at it, follow me at #chriszombieblog)

Alternatively, you can email your plan to chrisfarnell ...at... googlemail.com deliver your plan in Haiku- 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables again.

I will also accept limerick form.

You have until seven pm on Thursday to send me your plans. The best one gets the two free tickets. Winner will be announced Friday. Runners up will be posted on here to save me writing another blog.

So go forth! Show me your zombie fighting wisdom!

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  1. DUDE! Awesome.

    I'm all about post apocalyptic action.